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Optimize claims & incident management across all channels

GlobalCare Insurance allows you to optimize claims management via process automation, application of complex business rules and multi-channel case tracking.

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Apply eligibility rules to complex processes

GlobalCare Insurance puts the power of a highly flexible management platform at your fingertips. The granular configuration options allow you to tailor the system precisely to your policies, rules and processes, however complex they may be.

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GlobalCare Insurance SaaS module

GlobalCare Insurance optimizes claims management performance through process automation, enforcement of complex business rules and multi-channel case tracking capabilities.

Optimize claims management

GlobalCare Insurance includes a set of tools and functions that reduce the cost of claims management while improving the accuracy and efficiency of claims reporting and processing, for both you and your policyholders.

Highly configurable and versatile

GlobalCare Insurance manages all of your business processes, from claim reporting to resolution. A powerful rules engine allows you to target eligible services (repair, exchange, reimbursement) according to granular criteria such as customer segments, associated policies and guarantees, products covered, country and much more.

Multi-channel deployment

GlobalCare Insurance supports multiple customer journeys and can be deployed to self-service web portals, call centers and retail channels. Customer interactions are captured in the platform across all channels via GlobalCare’s web interfaces and APIs which integrate with your internal and external systems and applications.

Claims assessment

GlobalCare Insurance enables automated or semi-automated claims assessment through its powerful, yet easy to configure, frontend filtering tools. Eligibility for different types of claims (accidental damage, theft, breakdown) and associated services (repairs, exchange, reimbursement) are determined by internal business rules. This capability can be enhanced with optional add-ons, such as the GlobalCare mobile app, which automatically determines product status via pre-defined tests.

Deductible allowances calculator

GlobalCare Insurance automatically calculates the deductibles/excess amounts and payments due, according to granular criteria that can be easily configured in the rules engine (contract, policy, type of service chosen, product value, etc).

Performance analytics reporting

GlobalCare Insurance includes a business intelligence module which provides full visibility of your processes and services through key performance indicators and configurable dashboards.

GlobalCare Insurance is built for your industry

GlobalCare Insurance allows you to streamline claims management processes for subscribers and policy-holders without increasing the workload of your agents. Discover all the advantages of GlobalCare:

Boost customer satisfaction with transparent processes
Enable end-to-end tracking and transparency throughout the claims management process thanks to optimized customer and agent user journeys.
Rapid claims data share
Link with your customer and policy databases to speed up the coverage and eligibility checks.
Secure processes and fraud management system
Information given online can be verified through analysis of downloaded documents and links to serial number verification databases.
Guarantee multi-product coverage
Flexible GlobalCare processes adapt to all types of insured products (including open contracts).
Automate processes
Calculate deductibles based on multiple criteria incl. policy, services chosen (repair, exchange) and device value. Collect the fees via integrated payment gateways.
Connect all your partners
Automated selection of service partners based on your criteria. Partners can connect via API or the GlobalCare Partner web portal.

GlobalCare Insurance is multi-channel & multiplatform

GlobalCare can be configured to the needs for your agents, salespeople and subscribers

Self-Service Portals

We set up self-service portals for your end users that can be integrated into your digital ecosystem and optimized for computers, tablets and mobiles.

Call centers

GlobalCare enables call center agents to quickly create, manage and track claims.

Retail Stores

GlobalCare can be deployed in stores or at self-service terminals to manage insurance services within retail networks.

Insurance Frequently asked Questions

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How does the platform manage individual claims?
Claim eligibility criteria can be configured in a granular and precise manner. GlobalCare´s built-in rules engine allows you to easily configure claims eligibility by type of claim, the brand and model of the product, deductible allowance, the geographic area, date of loss, etc. Some criteria can be automated and others can be processed manually, as needed.
How does the platform manage fraud?

GlobalCare manages fraud through its configurable eligibility criteria rules-engine. The built-in rules engine allows you to easily configure criteria to prevent fraud, based on number of claims associated with the policy, product value, rules on claim dates and claim occurrence dates, etc.

In addition, GlobalCare is connected with external databases for managing blacklists and product locks.

Finally, some rules may require manual processing and a request for additional information from the customer.
How can the platform help me improve claims processing times?

GlobalCare enables you to manage communication with your partners more fluidly and transparently. Our APIs allow you to connect directly with all partners responsible for processing products, policies, repairs, etc.

In addition, our evaluation module (“Assessment control”) will enable you to improve communicaiton with your subscribers. This module is used to validate additional forms, additions of photos and documents.

How does GlobalCare handles the addition of a new insurance product?
New insurance products can be set up using the GlobalCare administration console or imported dynamically via API.
How does GlobalCare manage payments in claims handling?
GlobalCare manages deductibles and provisions associated with each claim according to your internal business rules.
GlobalCare can receive live offers from repair partners throughout the life-cycle of each claim.
These quotes can be subject to automatic validation or manual revision rules depending on internal business rules. After a claim is resolved, GlobalCare can be used to generate invoices for each partner involved in the incident.
How can GlobalCare Insurance guarantee an accurate assessment and identification of a claim?
GlobalCare supports the process of FNOL (“First Notice Of Loss”), the first declaration of loss from an insured customer, and allows a precise assessment of each claim through a set of highly configurable pre-defined forms and rules. The FNOL declaration can be made by the customer regardless of the channel: online, in store or during a call to customer service.

GlobalCare Insurance partners

Our customers include many global wireless network operators, insurance companies and retailers who use GlobalCare to optimize their insurance and reverse logistics management processes.

Flexible. Self-configurable. Powerful.

10,000 + call-center agents use GlobalCare |45 + connected partners 

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