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Tailor-made solutions for after-sales returns and repairs logistics

GlobalCare Returns & repairs is a highly resilient platform that enables reliable end-to-end subscriber self-care solutions.

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The GlobalCare Returns and repairs platform includes on-device diagnostics for subscribers to self-check before reporting an incident or filing a repair claim.

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GlobalCare Returns and repairs SaaS Platform

The GlobalCare Repairs & returns Platform reduces subscriber device returns and allows you to resolve all customer enquiries and repair incidents according to internal business rules.

Multi-process & Configurable

With GlobalCare Returns and repairs, manage all your after-sales processes, from unit repairs to advanced services, such as early exchanges or out-of-warranty repairs. You can configure multiple options: management of loan phones, customer notifications, or online payment for out-of-warranty repairs. A powerful rules management engine lets you customize your processes according to customer profile, product, available inventory, location, warranty, channel, and more.

Managing Return logistics

The GlobalCare Returns and repairs module allows you to offer your customers multiple logistics options. The platform supports various collection and delivery methods: at home, at approved collection points, in-store, reservation of loan or exchange products, etc. The GlobalCare platform integrates couriers and allows you to automate collection and tracking of all shipments.

Multi-channel strategy

GlobalCare is designed to optimize the customer journey across all channels, whether retail, call center or self-service (site, terminal or app). Manage all your customer interactions regardless of touchpoint to create a unique and satisfying multi-channel customer experience!

Reduce returns via advanced diagnostics

GlobalCare Returns and repairs incorporates advanced diagnostics for all GSMA devices. We aim to reduce the number of returns by promoting self-repair. The module includes a diagnostic component embedded in the product (App), as well as a knowledge base offering step-by-step troubleshooting. The diagnostic functions are available online (selfcare), in retail stores and via call centers (with remote OTA capability).

Managing loan products

With GlobalCare Returns and repairs, manage your loan-phone processes according to internal business rules that define exactly when to invoice the customer, manage inventory (in store and warehouse centers), and manage your billing & customer care systems. Also manage the entire life cycle of loan phones, including inventories and renovation management.

Total traceability

The GlobalCare Returns and repairs platform has a powerful reporting system including customizable dashboards and analytics reports. No more spreadsheets, welcome to the era of control and traceability!

GlobalCare Returns and repairs optimizes repairs processes

GlobalCare Returns & repairs means you can provide an optimized repair solution in the shortest possible time

Adaptable multi-process and multi-channel offers
Personalize offers according to customer segment, brand, model, country, service policy, warranty etc.
Rapidly implement new business rules
Our powerful configuration tools enable you to boost time-to-market implementation of new offers and programs.
Simplify After Sales Services
Reduce the level of complexity associated with after-sales service management for your customers and employees.
Tighter integration with repair partners and suppliers
Easily and rapidly update your services offering in line with changes in marketing and logistic strategy.
Easily update systems & practices
Optimize user journeys through integration with subscriber and product data records.
Boost customer service responsiveness
Speed up repair request and incident processing-times by creating direct communication channels between employees and partners.

GlobalCare Returns and repairs platform is multichannel & multi-system

GlobalCare can be configured according to subscriber, partner, agents and internal business rules.


We deliver self-service functionality to websites that is integrated into internal digital ecosystems and optimized for the mobile devices, tablets and PCs of your subscribers

Call Centers

GlobalCare can be deployed to allow call-center agents to quickly arrange shipping for a customer's product to approved repair partners thus freeing time-consuming visits to a store

Retail Stores

GlobalCare can be deployed in retail stores or self-service kiosks

GlobalCare App, for an even more powerful multi-channel solution!

allows real-time testing of mobiles and tablets for optimized efficient self-troubleshooting

Returns and repairs Frequently Asked Questions

For personalized advice, please feel free to contact our returns and repairs teams

I already have a device and claim management system, how can GlobalCare help me?

GlobalCare is a highly specialized Returns and repairs Management Platform that offers many functionalities (ex: management of loan devices, inventories, logistics, etc.). The platform can:

  • complement and leverage the scope and capability of your existing systems,
  • standardize and centralize the management of your processes
  • interface directly with the applications and systems of your logistics partners and service centers,
  • replace existing systems, that are difficult or costly to maintain or upgrade or your company requires carrier-grade innovation tools that optimize feedback management and customer experience.
GlobalCare reporting & analytical modules?
Our reporting module, GlobalCare Analytics, can be accessed by users to publish a wide range of customized reports and dashboards. Key indicators (KPI) include: end-to-end processing time (consumer view), repair time, return rates per brand/model, calculation of the performance of transport partners, etc, store & repair SLAs, and many more.  All reports can be programmed at set intervals and sent by email. KPIs can be consolidated within customized dashboards.
How does GlobalCare manage different logistics options?

The platform is capable of managing any typeof logistics service, from digital transport vouchers to at-home device & product pick-ups and/or the deposit and collection in relay points. Transport modes and logistics options can be configured, as can the choice of logistics partners and the billing of transport costs to the customer.

How does GlobalCare increase customer loyalty from subscribers with returns?
By digitizing your returns and repairs chain, the GlobalCare platform enables a rich and easy-to-use customer-experience by allowing you to let subscribers choose the type of return service best adapted to their needs: return, replacement, repair, etc.). The GlobalCare platform offers a multi-channel experience by communicating all stages of the return process including repair progress, turn—around times, etc to the subscriber. Our philosophy is “turn returns Into opportunities”: turn clients with returns into satisfied customers.
What types of products can GlobalCare manage?
The platform was initially developed to manage returns and repairs of electronic and telecommunications products, ie smartphones, tablets, computers, televisions, small household appliances, etc. GlobalCare can now also manage accessories whether serialized or not serialized.

GlobalCare Returns and repairs partners

Our global customer base includes many wireless network operators, OEM vendors, insurance companies and retailers who use GlobalCare to optimize their aftersales logistics, warranty returns and service management processes.

Flexible. Self-configurable. Powerful.

10,000 + call-center agents use GlobalCare | 45 + connected partners 

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