GlobalCare SaaS
the Reverse Logistics platform

GlobalCare is a unique reverse logistics platform for manufacturers, distributors and insurers of high-tech products

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Turning returns into opportunities!

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Returns and repairs
to boost subscriber loyalty

GlobalCare Returns and repairs platform puts a powerful, highly configurable, scalable and multi-channel platform into the hands of your end customers, salespeople and call center agents through which to manage all returns & repairs.

Using advanced modules for loan management, repair avoidance and dashboards, say goodbye to spreadsheets and say hello to end-to-end traceability and control.

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Buyback & trade-in
to boost your sales

GlobalCare Buyback and trade-in offers a ready-to-integrate module that helps optimize buyback & trade-in strategies while boosting sales and customer loyalty.

GlobalCare helps carriers move from a model reliance on a single trade-in buyer to one where multiple buy-back partners can be integrated and managed. This allows operators to optimize their repurchase strategies by ensuring that subscribers will always have access to the best buy prices on the market.

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to manage your claims process

GlobalCare Insurance offers insurance-underwriters dedicated solutions to manage high-tech product claims by through its ability to integrate your sector-specific business rules.

GlobalCare simplifies claim assessment and handling by automating processes across all customer relationship channels call centers, points of sale and self-care. The platform can manage and enforce complex rules for eligibility, claims validation and service policies.

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GlobalCare solutions can be integrated everywhere. According to your needs.

All of GlobalCare solutions can be seamlessly integrated into your processes and your ecosystem

Integration of your partners
Connect carriers, repair centers and logistics hubs using standard connectors and webservice APIs.
Seamless extension of your internal systems
GlobalCare is integrated with market-standard ERP vendors: SAP, Amdocs, SalesForce, etc.
Business Intelligence modules
For detailed platform activity reporting.
Flexible and scalable
GlobalCare seamless adapts to your processes via its flexible configuration.
Multi-channel platform
Complete management of the customer journey across all customer channels: selfcare web portal, point of sale, call center, digital, etc.
Grow your brand
GlobalCare is fully customizable in white-label model.

Frequently Asked Questions

For personalized advice, please contact our technical teams– we are all ears!
What is the GlobalCare Business Model?

The GlobalCare business model is a Pay Per Use: service subscription fees are based on the volume of transactions.

How does GlobalCare secure and ensure the delivery of its SaaS services?
GlobalCare is a SaaS (Software As A Service) platform offering hosting, technical support and service updates. The GlobalCare solution is hosted at several data centers located in France.
How to get a quote and find out more about the solution?
We would love to talk to you about your project. Each of the deployments we carry out is the result of personalized consultation. Do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form and we will come back to you as soon as possible.
How does GlobalCare fit my business needs?
The GlobalCare platform is transparent, and integrates seamlessly with your internal IT systems, as well as those of your partners.
How does GlobalCare integrate with third-party systems?
We can integrate with just about all 3rd party middleware, API webservices (synchronous or asynchronous), EDI data exchange…
Does the platform support multiple languages?
The GlobalCare platform’s default languages are French, English and Spanish but can manage any type of language and character set.
Does the platform support multiple currencies?
Yes, the platform is multi-currency, and multi-country. This can be configured in the GlobalCare Manager administration console.

GlobalCare Client References

Global wireless network operators, OEM vendors, insurance companies and retailers use GlobalCare to optimize their aftersales and logistics processes.

Flexible. Self-configurable. Powerful.

10,000 + retail store & call center advisors use GlobalCare | 45 + connected partners 

Explore GlobalCare's full potential: Returns & repairs Buyback & trade-in Insurance

Turning returns into opportunities!

Find out about our solutions and optimize processes that promote sales and brand loyalty.

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