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Dedicated GlobalCare support teams

GlobalCare is developed and maintained by a team of reverse logistics experts with a deep understanding of your business requirements and priorities, and who are committed to putting customer experience at the heart of your multi-channel strategy.

GlobalCare is a powerful, modular and multi-channel solution

GlobalCare can be scalably deployed across the different customer interaction channels: selfcare web portals, retail stores, contact centers.

Returns & repairs

GlobalCare Returns & repair enables your subscribers, end-users, retail agents and customer service advisors to manage customer returns and repair shipments, and retain full control through complete end-to-end traceability.

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Buyback and trade-in

GlobalCare Buyback and trade-in is a ready-to-integrate module that boosts customer loyalty through buyback and trade-in strategies that can be incorporated into your sales and upgrade paths for consumers.

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GlobalCare Insurance offers policy underwriters a dedicated solution for claims management, validation and control of backend processes, such as management of returns logistics and repairs of insured products.

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Key facts

Our Vision is to enable our partners to drive innovation across their service organisation through the digital transformation of their aftersales supply chain and reverse logistics processes.

Our Philosophy is simple: optimize customer experience and employee engagement at the frontend, and connect all the supply chain partners in the backend to deliver the best outcomes.

GlobalCare is unique in its field

GlobalCare was born from an observation: reverse logistics is too often the stepchild of supply chain systems. Our dedicated, scalable platform solves that perception and problem. Our goal is to turn aftersales service and care into a real differentiator for your brand.

GlobalCare is supported by reverse logistics experts

GlobalCare was created by SBE SAS: we are above all else a global company with 30 years of experience in mobile device after-sales service, repair and reverse logistics, which we have captured in GlobalCare. Our cloud software platform has been specifically designed to manage all the nuances and specificities of post-sales customer relationship management.

GlobalCare is a secure standalone platform

GlobalCare operates independently from repair centers, buyers and other market players. It is hosted in world-class datacenters and supported by bespoke SLAs.

Highly experienced subject matter experts

The GlobalCare platform was created by the SBE Group, a major player in global repair and after-sales service. Our teams bring extensive subject matter expertise of reverse logistics and can assist and advise on how to leverage GlobalCare to drive digital innovation throughout your reverse logistics processes and operations.

About SBE Global

A tried and tested solution

GlobalCare has been helping its clients to improve and optimize their return management since 2008. GlobalCare is now used by many large international brands and companies to manage their reverse logistics processes across their retail stores, call centers and via online self-service portals.

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More than
call-center agents use GlobalCare
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They all use GlobalCare

Operators, manufacturers, insurers and distributors use GlobalCare to manage their process optimally with great adaptability and tailored to their needs.

10,000+ agents use GlobalCare | 45+ connected partners

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