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Boost subscriber loyalty and sales by optimising Buyback and trade-in programs

GlobalCare’s Buyback & trade-in platform enables higher customer loyalty by enabling product buy-back strategy optimization.

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Integrate multiple buyback partners and analyse their repurchasing offers in real-time

GlobalCare Buyback and trade-in allows you to offer your customers the best buy-back prices for their old product by comparing partner and OEM offers and integrating them with your own offers.

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GlobalCare Buyback & trade-in SaaS module

GlobalCare Buyback & trade-in optimizes trade-in and buy-back processes by integrating offers from multiple buying partners into a single application sales agent, call-centre employees can access when speaking to subscribers.

Price comparison engine

The GlobalCare Buyback & trade-in platform aggregates price offers from all your buy-back partners. Each registered partner provides product buy-back pricing according to their own grading criteria which can be customized according to the buyer’s standards.

Optimize your pricing in a competitive market

Operators can set themselves up as purchasing partners when they need to target specific products for which they wish to offer competitive buyback prices.

Multi-channel strategy

GlobalCare Buyback & trade-in can be deployed across multiple channels: self-service, call centers and retail. We also offer a trade-in app for smartphones and tablets. The app is white-labeled and comes with embedded hardware diagnostics that can automatically determine device status and grade. The module also comes with APIs that enable you to embed the trade-in customer journey into your sales and upgrade paths.


Reliable appraisals through the GlobalCare app

The GlobalCare app allows you to recover mobile devices and tablets with ease and confidence by rapidly evaluting their grade and value through: checking the IMEI through GSMA and network operator databases, testing power-up and other essential device functions such as OS, screen, keyboard, camera, etc. Fast, accurate and reliable device checks are a sure way to reduce costly discrepancies with buyback partners.

Boost customer satisfaction and loyalty

GlobalCare Buyback & trade-in easy manages bonus offers. Bonuses and rewards can be triggered according to multiple criteria (e.g. customer segment, channel, product model, purchase of more recent products, etc.). So many possibilities for operators to deploy their marketing strategy and promote the adoption of newer products while collecting old ones.

Market pricing analytics

GlobalCare Buyback & trade-in includes crawlers for automated data harvesting, as well as analytics tools that deliver actionable information and insights on pricing trends, market positions and competitor offers.

GlobalCare Buyback and trade-in boosts loyalty & sales

GlobalCare Buyback & trade-in allows you to optimize your trade-in programs and buy-back strategies while boosting customer loyalty.

Reduce reliance on buyback partners
GlobalCare is a highly efficient solution for working with multiple buyback partners and vendors.
Leveraging buyback programs to boost sales
GlobalCare is easily integrated into existing sales channels and upgrade paths to boost opportunities for new products sales.
Boost customer loyalty
GlobalCare guarantees best buyback pricing for your subscribers.
Reduce dispute rates
The GlobalCare diagnostics app enables accurate value appraisal of all returned products.
Boost volumes by optimizing bonus offers
GlobalCare allows you to boost trade-in volumes thanks to its flexible, easy-to-use and powerful bonus management module.
Powerful, reliable, accurate reporting tools
Use competitive intelligence data to analyze market pricing of residual value for traded-in and returned products & devices.

GlobalCare Buyback and trade-in is compatible across multiple channels & platforms

GlobalCare can be configured to internal business rules and those of your suppliers & customers.

Self-Service Portals

We set up self-service websites accessible to your end customers that can be integrated into your digital ecosystem and optimized for computers, tablets and mobiles.

Call Centers

GlobalCare enables call-center agents to quickly complete product repurchases and trade-ins.

Retail Stores

GlobalCare can be readily deployed in retail stores or self-service kiosks to manage product buy-back and recovery quickly and efficiently.

GlobalCare App, for an even more powerful multi-channel solution!

allows real-time testing of mobiles and tablets for optimized efficient self-troubleshooting

Buyback and trade-in Frequently Asked Questions

For personalized advice, please feel free to contact our Buy-back & trade-in team

Are SBE or GlobalCare device buyers?

No, we do not buy back products or devices. GlobalCare interfaces with the major buyers in the market to enable you to offer customers the best buy back prices. GlobalCare simplifies the management of product and device repurchases by integrating all facets of the buy-back and trade-in process: price proposal, logistics, product inspection / grading, consumer compensation, etc.

Which buy-back providers does your price-comparison engine track?

We are already working with the largest buyers in the market, and we are able to add any other buyers you work with. If you are working with a single buyer, we can enable you to switch to a “multi-buyer” strategy.

What kind of reports are available to assess the performance of internal buyback and trade-in processes?

Our reporting module, GlobalCare Analytics, can be accessed by users to publish a wide range of customized reports and dashboards. Key Performance indicators (KPIs) include: end-to-end processing time (consumer view), repair time, return rates per brand/model, calculation of the performance of transport partners, etc, store & repair SLAs, and many more.  All reports can be programmed at set intervals and sent by email. KPIs can be consolidated within customized dashboards.

How can GlobalCare Buyback & trade-in help me build customer loyalty?

The GlobalCare trade-in application enables customer-loyalty enhancing end-of-contract trade-in offers. In addition, your customers will benefit from the best trade-in prices if you have a multi-buyer strategy in place, and a matching strategy on trade-in offers.

I already have a buy-back partner providing me with their IT system, how can GlobalCare help me?

GlobalCare can help you manage more competitive offers by adopting a multi-buyer strategy. In addition, the platform allows you to also become a buyer, for certain products or certain ranges and over defined time intervals, to meet your own needs such as renewal of your fleet of loan products, sale of reconditioned products etc. Finally, GlobalCare offers unique features, to give you a competitive advantage such as bonus management on trade-in offers, instantly communicating new buyback campaigns, etc.

GlobalCare Buyback and trade-in partners

Global wireless network operators, OEM vendors and retailers use GlobalCare to optimize their buy-back and trade-in programmes, streamline reverse logistics processes and deliver an omnichannel customer experience to their endusers.

Flexible. Self-configurable. Powerful.

10,000 + call-center agents use GlobalCare | 45 + connected partners 

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