GlobalCare is a digital customer care platform that streamlines reverse logistics processes.


GlobalCare is a Software-as-a-Service platform designed to manage after-sales and reverse logistics processes easily and seamlessly, through a Cloud-based portal. It has been designed from the ground up to be modular, flexible and meet the specific needs of the mobile industry supply chain. The platform provides a rich customer experience in the frontend. And the backend connects the dots between all the supply chain partners: network operators, manufacturers, distributors, logistics partners, screening hubs, insurance companies, repair centres, etc. The platform boasts a powerful, feature-rich interface to manage multiple, complex care and after-sales processes across digital, care and retail channels.

Delight your customers with a truly unique multichannel care and repair experience.


The platform is built on a scalable private cloud infrastructure, with multi-country, multi-tenant and multilingual capabilities. The open framework makes it easy to connect your internal or partner IT systems to provide a seamless user experience (e.g. SSO, automations, etc.). It comes with a number of standard functions and features, such as notifications, templates and rules. The platform functionalities can be extended thanks to a number of ready plugins that provide specific services, such as online payment, voucher generation, chat, etc. Advanced partner tools enhance the platform with innovative capabilities that can be seamlessly embedded into the customer journey. These include for example data backup, data wipe, automated device diagnostics.

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